23-24 Symphony Orchestra Auditions:  AUDITION FORM Please complete and bring to your audition.


Sunday, January 14 at 2pm - SIGN UP FORM HERE! 

Located at UWSP.

If you have any questions, please contact Music Director, Stephan Wucherer:


Philharmonia Audition Information

  • No audition required for participation in Philharmonia.
  • Students should have 2-3 years of ensemble and/or private instruction.
  • Violin players wishing to play 1st violin must audition on a solo that demonstrates playing proficiency in 3rd and 4th position. Students who have played in the 1st violin section in the previous season do not need to re-audition.
  • Violin players in the 1st violin section may choose to audition for the concert master position prior to the first rehearsal on a solo that demonstrates a high level of playing and musicianship.

Symphony Orchestra Audition Information

  • Audition required for admission to Symphony Orchestra.
  • Students should be playing at the class A solo level (on WSMA scale) but may audition if playing a class B solo.
  • Returning Symphony Orchestra members do not need to re-audition unless they wish to move parts, or for section leader/Concertmaster.

Audition Requirements and Dates Announced as we know.

Students should register for the ensemble that best fits their playing goals/objectives. Younger students may audition for admission, if deemed appropriate by the Music Director, based on the needs of the ensembles. If you are unsure, please contact the Music Director for guidance in this area. Every student's musical journey is unique, and we strive to place students in the ensemble that is best for them and the overall program.


Audition Requirements for Symphony Orchestra:


Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba:

Solo of your choice (class A preferred), one major scale and one melodic minor scale of your choice, chromatic scale demonstrating your full range.



Solo or comparable etude of your choice on snare drum or timpani and solo or comparable etude on xylophone or marimba. One major scale, one melodic minor scale and chromatic scale.


Violin, viola, cello, bass:

Solo of your choice, one major scale and one melodic minor scale of your choice three octaves where possible.

Please note: Scales should be performed as fast as you can play them without mistakes.

For more information about auditions, please contact Music Director Steve Wucherer at . Please see check list below:

  • New members who wish to perform in the Symphony Orchestra will need to audition for placement seating (complete Audition Form above).
  • Tentatively scheduled audition dates: TBA (watch your emails)
  • New members enrolling in the Philharmonia do not need to audition.