Amy Bakken

More Than a Decade of Dedicated Service

     Truly, the backbone of any organization is its volunteers. The CWSO is fortunate to have such a group giving countless hours and providing a collective expertise, carrying the CWSO’s mission forward.

     Amy Bakken is a key member of that volunteer corps, and has been doing so for decades! Amy, and her husband David, have served as board members (David is a past-president), and can be seen in all of the behind-the-scenes work of any CWSO event. As chair and co-chair of the Special Events committee, Amy skillfully led a talented group of friends to raise tens of thousands of dollars, create meaningful fundraising and friend-raising experiences, created school-centered incentives for instrument practicing, delivered baked goods, appetizers, and beverages to many gatherings, designed effective meeting agendas, and kept detailed notes of hundreds of meetings. Amy’s natural intuition and creativity means that she has never asked what needs to be done, but rather serves as an example of selfless contribution.