Annual Dorothy Vetter Memorial Education Concerts for Area Fourth Graders






Imagine Sentry Theater filled to the brim with 4th graders from all around Central Wisconsin. They are riveted as they hear a live performance of music from around the world. They are laughing, smiling, playing/singing along, and dancing! This happens each and every year and is all possible because of the life of an extraordinary music educator, Dorothy Vetter (Dorothy Vetter Bio).


Every year, almost 1,500 4th graders from the counties of Marathon, Portage, Waupaca, Waushara, Wood & Shawano fill the Sentry Theater to experience the magic and wonder of the CWSO. They learn about the orchestra, about music, they play along on their recorders or sing, but most importantly … they hear amazing music and they LOVE IT! (So does the orchestra).



March 12, 2025 for all area elementary schools

Sentry Theater, Stevens Point