We know that you LOVE Central Wisconsin! HOW do we know? Because you decided to build a business here, build a life here, and invest in the causes that are close to your heart.


The fact is that it takes a lot of resources to operate and sustain a magnificent orchestra of 70+ members over the course of a season of amazing music! Ticket sales only go so far, and we are wonderfully grateful for the vision and generosity of all the donors who believe in and support our passion to educate and enrich the lives of the Central Wisconsin Community, and beyond, through the power and performance of live music. Do you believe in our mission too? If so, consider this your formal invitation to join our community of financial supporters who actively further our efforts to enrich the culture of the region that you love the most!


Your invaluable support will ensure that we have the resources to focus on what we do the best, namely delivering electrifying live music to the listeners of all ages and backgrounds throughout Central Wisconsin. Whatever your budget, there is a way to offer your support. 

Please email Executive Director at to chat about your preferred Sponsorship Support!


24-25 Program Advertisements available. Please see HERE for details. Email for questions. Deadline for 1st concert is Sept 15, 2024. Deadline for 2nd Concert is December 1st, 2024.