What to Expect



  • Food and gum are not allowed inside the rehearsal rooms or concert hall. 
  • Water bottles are allowed but must be disposed of properly at the end of rehearsal. 
  • Celli and Basses must bring something to protect the floor from their endpin. 
  • Temperature and lighting are preset in NFAC; please do not attempt to adjust them. 
  • Electronic devices such as iPods, iPads, cell phones, games, laptops, tablets, etc., are not allowed in rehearsals or concerts. Please leave them turned off and put away during rehearsals. 
  • You must have a No. 2 pencil to mark music during rehearsals.  
  • Please clean up after yourself and help keep the Noel Fine Arts Center clean. 
  • Conductors have the right to dismiss any student at any time for any reason for unacceptable behaviors or for not meeting the performance standards established for CWYSO ensembles. 
  • Students must arrive 15 minutes early for every rehearsal. 


  • Acceptance into our program is a privilege shared by all members.  Members are expected to arrive at rehearsal on time will all music and materials (please do not rely on your stand partner – they may be unexpectedly absent).  It is our expectation that students will respect their conductors, managers, section leaders, and fellow orchestra members, as well as the property of all rehearsal and performance facilities.   
  • The Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra administration and Conductors reserve the right to forfeit membership to those who choose not to honor their obligations as outlined in this handbook.   
  • Our bullying policy is simple – ZERO Tolerance.  If you are experiencing any issues at CWYSO rehearsals or performances, please let a trusted staff member know immediately. The following will not be tolerated:  
    • Repeated targeting of a particular student for teasing, taunting, insulting.   
    • Created feelings of (among other possibilities) intimidation, humiliation, embarrassment.  
    • Any bullying needs to be reported to one of the staff members connected with the CWYSO.  A meeting will be scheduled with the offending student and parent, to discuss what has been happening.  At the very least the offending student will be put “on probation”, with follow-ups to ensure the behavior has stopped; if CWYSO staff feel the behavior is at a level that threatens the ability of a student to attend rehearsals and feel like a valued member of the group, the offending student may be removed for the semester.  We want students to interact with each other positively and respectfully and establish trusting relationships; this is how teams accomplish tasks together.   



  • Dress rehearsals are closed to the public. (This means no parents, family members, teachers or friends may observe the dress rehearsal.) 
  • Parents and other non-orchestra members are not allowed in the Green Room/warm up room. 
  • Students must check in with the Program Assistant 30 minutes before the concert. 
  • Do not leave anything valuable in your bag or case during the performance. NEITHER CWYSO nor the performance venue are liable for missing or damaged personal items including instruments, electronics, or equipment for any reason.   
  • All instrument cases must be left in assigned rooms. 




Symphony Orchestra:  

Option 1 

  • All black, dressed as conservatively as possible (No exposed shoulders, plunging necklines or spaghetti strap tops), ankle length slacks/skirt (black hose/leggings required with skirts/dresses), and solid black dress shoes.  

Option 2 

  • Black bow tie (CWYSO will provide if need be), solid white shirt, black pants, black tux or suit coat, solid black shoes/socks.  


Option 1

  • All black, dressed as conservatively as possible (No exposed shoulders, plunging necklines or spaghetti strap tops), ankle length slacks/skirt (black hose/leggings required with skirts/dresses), and solid black dress shoes. 

Option 2

  • Black Shirt (long sleeve button up dress shirt), Black dress pants, black shoes/socks, no suit coat, no tie.